Helen C Turner

How to Make a Website

  • Know you need a website but don’t know where to start technically?
  • Have tried to set up a site but get frustrated and can not make it exactly as you imagine?
  • Feel overwhelmed by how much you need to add?
  • Find the many templates and styles don’t capture the heart of your business – they don’t feel personal?

I take the anxiety out of website development. You don’t need to touch a keyboard if you don’t want to. I talk to you! From the conversations we have I will gather all the information that I need to create and set up your website. This can also include helping you with the words and images that will share who you are with the people who need to hear your vision the most.

Who works with Helen?

I primarily work with passionate business owners who have great ideas and drive just need help turning their vision into technical reality.


Online Training

We had a huge course curriculum. Helen created a membership site with a simple flow. Our clients can easily find what they need now!

Marilyn Tucknott

Speaker / Educator

Helen gets what I am trying to say. My website feels like me.

Hawthorne House

Ladies Fashion

Clients love the new look of our newsletters! Our open rates are consistently high!

Practice makes perfect

I know you want someone to do it all for you but I also know you don’t have a huge budget. Some clients ask me to manage their site ongoing but many don’t need this. I can provide DIY guides at the end of the project so you know how to add new content and update the basics of your site yourself.

Canada is home

Born in England, I have worked all over the world since my early 20’s. My heart has been in Canada though since 2002 and I have no plans to change that! I love to promote and support local Canadian business.

Work with Helen

Partner with Helen to start building your online presence. She makes sure every part of the process is understood, and works to ensure you are happy with your new site.

Meeting Hours

Monday- Thursday: 9:00-15:00 Hrs
Friday - 9:00-14:00

We are here

Phone:+1 416-835-8288
Email: [email protected]