Why do people work with me?

Firstly and most importantly: My values are in line with yours. I have discovered that the most powerful impact I can have is with people and companies I share values with. We do our best work together because at a fundamental level we are aligned on the reason why you are doing this.

The three areas people engage with me are:

Strategic Planning: You have the drive and passion but are having trouble getting from vision to strategy and linking those to measurable activities. We work together to define key strategies, goals to work on and actions to complete. You will know you are driving your vision forward because you can see how each action links to it. You will be able to communicate this to your team and have a framework to use again and again.

Team Building: You are finding you / your team need a boost to push past a challenging time/area. It can be tough to believe it’s possible to get through a difficult patch. We identify whats at the route of your block then shift perspective and create a pathway forward. I also run team Board Breaking Workshops!

Coaching for success: You or one of your team would benefit from individual coaching to improve work activity and as a result the well being of the team as a whole. We collaborative agree what needs to improve and what success will look like.  Each person involved is aligned with the goal and understands the behaviour and activities that indicate progress towards meeting expectations.

It’s important that there is a good fit between you/your team and myself. When you are working on something new or challenging the last thing you’ll want to add to the mix is a difficult working relationship.

Its tough in the virtual world to get to know someone. You can get a sense of me through this website, through my newsletters or social media – nothing beats talking though! When you’ve had a chance to look about this site, lets connect and find out how we can best work together. I’m looking forward to talking with you.