You’re wrong, I’m right! Really?

What do you mean – you don’t like it – that’s my best work!

We’ve all come across this…had a bad customer experience… paid our money and felt cheated or left wanting more. Sometimes after hours or sometimes days on mulling over what to do about this we decide to go back to the person or company that we weren’t thrilled with and start a dialogue about the said problem… And Wham! You get back… “But this is good work, you got more than you paid for,  the value is way above what I charged, I check with my boss/mentor/friend and they agree this is good work”… In short you are wrong to have a problem with this!

Wow! It never ceases to amaze me how wrongly these things can be handled! Imagine instead if this had happened…

Supplier: I’m really sorry you feel that way can we meet or talk on the phone so I can understand better? What was it you were expecting? How could I have made this a better experience for you? Can I just make some notes so that I truly get what you mean? I want to learn from this…

Feels better doesn’t it? And at no time in this is the supplier indicating they agree with you! The point here is that they want to understand the problem…after all, how can they know if something needs fixing if they don’t get the issue!

I have worked with really difficult customers my whole life, ones that felt that shouting was the best method of communicating, ones that felt calling at all hours of the day to confirm you we’re working on their project not someone else’s was helpful, people that routinely sent nasty-grams as a way of encouraging better work,  people that no matter the quality of work submitted communicated that it wasn’t good enough – they felt compliments bred complacency!

Were they right? Sometimes, sometimes not!

By nature of being a supplier of a service or product you are going to get negative feedback. I don’t care how good you are…someone somewhere will find fault with what you do and they are 100% right…from their perspective… Your job as the provider of that service or product is to figure out what their issue really is, could you fix it?, should you fix it?, is it something that applies to others in your target market?, and how can you learn from it. Whatever you decide to do about the feedback the customer will be left with a better impression of you and your Company and, I promise you, your business will thank you for taking this approach!

Here’s to better business interactions!