Do you really want it?

Is your lack of decision stopping you from getting what you want? Is putting stuff off an inner message that something isn’t right?

We all put things off. I do it a lot! Most of the time it’s because we’d rather be doing something else. Occasionally its more than that. Sometimes it’s because deep down we are scared or know it’s not right for us just now.

Take these examples.

You’re invited to a networking event. The organizer is asking for conformations of who’s coming. You are not sure if you can make it…. WHY?

    • Are you waiting to find out if you have a babysitter?
    • Are you not sure you can be bothered to make small talk?
    • Are you a bit scared of what people will think of you?
    • Are you not 100% behind what your business is all about?

You are due to submit a report. It’s due tomorrow at 4pm. You’ve got lots of information but haven’t started writing yet. WHY?

    • Are you overloaded and haven’t had time?
    • Do you think there’s plenty of time yet?
    • Are you afraid of what people will think of what you write?
    • Did you miss something and know that if you can figure out what it is it cast new light on the whole project?

Is it just a blip in a busy life? Are you scared? Or is it that you’re not convinced this is for you?

“How can I tell?” I hear you ask!  I look at there being 3 main reasons why.

Lets think about your life – are you often finding you don’t commit to something until the last minute? Do you find its because you work best under pressure? Or are you putting off deciding? Think hard about this – you probably know the answer.

You decide to do things last minute because it helps light a fire for you to get stuff done. You create a sense of urgency.

If you put off deciding, why do you do this? Do you feel a bit worried about doing it? Or do you just not know why?

Do you get that little worried feeling (butterflies in your tummy, feeling a bit nervous)? We all get this from time to time when doing something new, when stepping out of our comfort level. It’s natural to feel this way. Each of us have a different tolerance for feeling scared. The more you practice doing things despite the nervous feeling the easier it will get.

You delay decisions because you need time to convince yourself that everything will be okay.

If you don’t know why you delay or you aren’t convinced that it’s a worry you can push past. Maybe your intuition tells you this is a bad idea. Maybe there is a deeper reason. Something needs to change.

You are putting off deciding because something is not right for you.

Take a step back and look at the activity or the bigger picture goal it supports and the reasons you want it.  Check to see what’s missing. It might only be a small tweak that’s needed – it doesn’t necessarily mean your goal is 100% wrong for you.

Review your answers to the seven steps for goal setting. Have a look or talk to a friend about them – something should leap out that will help let you know what to change and what to do next.

Whatever the reason you put things off know that everyone does it. You are not alone. And it’s not always a bad thing! Sometimes putting things off can work in your favour and bring the greatest surprises.

Have questions? Let me know in the comments below or by e-mail.