Lindsey Hunt - Healing with Animals

My passion is working with animals, in particular horses – not only with healing them but also working with them to heal people. I have been certified in FEEL for 2 years and I work in partnership with my horse to help people. FEEL is a wonderful modality for healing and transforming people’s lives. It promotes self knowledge and self awareness, therefore allowing people to reclaim their power and choose positive life changes with the help and magic of the horses.

What an amazing and insightful experience with Lindsey and Eragon! Eragon reminded me to own my space and that you can do this with gentleness and kindness! Thank you for a beautiful learning experience!
Summer 2016

As a born intuitive, I have been connecting with animals all my life. I have been teaching Animal Communication workshops and helping clients connect to their pets in life or if they have passed on for over 20 years.

Reiki Master/Teacher for 15 years. Long distant healing available for animals and people. I also teach the 3 levels from my home.