Web Creation

Is this you?

  • Know you need a website but don’t know where to start technically.
  • Have tried to set up a site but get frustrated and can not make it exactly as you imagine.
  • Feel overwhelmed by how much you need to add.
  • Find the many templates and styles don’t capture the heart of your business – they don’t feel personal.

I take the anxiety out of website development. You don’t need to touch a keyboard if you don’t want to. I talk to you! From the conversations we have I will gather all the information that I need to create and set up your ideal website. This can also include all the words and images that will share who you are with the people who need to hear your vision the most.

What if, after a few conversations, and a touch of my technical magic, your website was out on the internet a shining reflection of you?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Our first discussion outlines your business, who you want to visit your website, what you want them to know about, what they want to understand.
  2. We create the words that will attract the people you want to visit your website
  3. Our second discussion centres on who you are, the impression you want to site to give people. Colours, style, layout and images you have or need.
  4. Your website is created and reviewed. We tweak the fine details and give it the final touches to make it just right for you.

Want to know more? See a couple of examples of my work. Have questions? Contact me to set up your free consultation.